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A free single-player first-person shooter

Ravenfield is a Battlefield-style single-player FPS game featuring old-school, 16-bit graphics, and ragdoll physics to immerse you in its world. You are on an island, playing as part of team Blue fighting with your AI allies against AI-powered team Red. You have to gain control of five capture points. Choose your vehicle and loadout weapon from a considerable selection, and shoot away.

A straightforward game

With Ravenfield, you have two main tasks - shoot the bad guys and drive vehicles. It also comes with a strategic element of working with your fellow Blue team players to beat the Reds.

The game first came out in 2016, and it exploded in popularity. The game is designed more for fun than challenge, so it works for casual and veteran gamers alike.

The goals of the game as well as the gameplay itself, are straightforward. What you need to do is capture flags and kill enemies until you gather 200 points. Another victory condition includes obtaining all spawn points.

Although you're playing with AIs, you won't have such an easy time. Your opponents are intelligent, but they still have to abide by the laws of physics, and with the right strategy, it's possible to even bamboozle them.

The game features a blend of customization options and simplicity of gameplay. It's a pick-up-and-play shooter, so it doesn’t force you to read lengthy instructions and sit through cut scenes.

All in all, you'll get the feel of a massive online shooter experience, although you'll be playing offline and by yourself.

Easy-to-grasp mechanics

Pointing and shooting require the use of your keyboard, the WASD keys in particular, and your mouse. You can crouch, lean, reload, drive, and more.

If you want to learn the keymappings, go to the 'Input' section of the game and scroll through the list. Everything you can do and the ways to do so will be in a list down there.


Once you hit play, nostalgic, familiar graphics will welcome you. The game itself doesn't gobble up your memory, but if you're running it from a slow PC, you can reduce the bot numbers to cater to your game.

Another thing Ravenfield enables you is to tailor the game to your level - from easy to challenging. From then on, all you need to do is pick your equipment and land on the island.

Getting the game and available mods

Ravenfield download is free and straightforward. All you need to do is open your .zip file and extract it to your PC. You can find Ravenfield for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

There are hundreds of available Ravenfield mods on Steam, most of them community-created. You get to download user-made maps, vehicles, and weapons, and so much more.

The most prominent, though, is the community-curated multiplayer mode now available for the lovers of the game. This is how you can get multiplayer mode in Ravenfield.

Installing mods into your game is as simple as downloading it. Create a folder in your Ravenfield Data folder, download it, and extract it in the folder you made. You'll see it available once you open the game.

Five game modes

The Ravenfield game comes with five default game modes, plus some extras you can find on Steam.

Skirmish begins as the regular game, but allows you to take someone else’s life once you die.

Special operations require the player to kill a group of enemy bots while ensuring they don't escape.

In Point Match, you gather points to win. The winning conditions include collecting all the flags, eliminating their opponents, and collecting more points than the other side.

Battalion is similar to the Point Match, the difference being that you get a pool of troops along with your team in the beginning.

Finally, the Haunted Mode has you exterminating skeletons. You get new weapons in each round, but there's no respawning, so be sure not to die.

Bugs and alternatives

Not everything works perfectly in Ravenfield. Swimming, for example, is buggy, and your AIs may get stuck at times. However, these glitches keep getting fixed.

If you're more into serious shooter games, Ravenfield may not be your best choice. You don't get to customize your characters, hunt for rare power-ups, or level a character. It's more about having fun and shooting enemies.

If you are looking for a strong storyline, Battlefield V is your ideal choice. Although much less accessible than Ravenfield, it offers a more immersive experience. On the other hand, if you want an even sillier experience, go for Havocado. Team Fortress 2 is another smooth, multiplayer choice.

Fallout 4 and CS:GO are great for novice gamers looking for a traditional introduction into the world of shooters.

A fun game to try out

This game, still in its development phases, is a throwback to old-style, Nintendo 64-era games. With new Beta versions being launched, the bugs, although unavoidable, are getting reduced by the day. Ravenfield is excellent for anyone wanting to sit back, relax, and enjoy an exciting shooter without much hassle.


  • Traditional game design
  • Various mods available
  • Intelligent AI
  • Easy to pick up
  • Fun graphics and many customization options


  • Still quite glitchy
  • In-game purchases for advanced options


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Ravenfield eab-21 for PC


User reviews about Ravenfield

  • weekly gameing

    by weekly gameing

    it's amazing I know this because I saw a youtuber playing it

  • Dewane Taylor

    by Dewane Taylor

    Very great game has a lot of action and you never stop fighting well...other than when you are dead

  • Lee Yujin

    by Lee Yujin

    Fun, because I like war and shooting games. When I play this game, I would enjoy it.

  • Waylon Kumpe

    by Waylon Kumpe

    it is the best game that I have ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Zheng

    by Eric Zheng

    The game is awesome! Just the AI need some brain surgery...-DQCEW2

  • Blue Ghost

    by Blue Ghost

    i love this game. it is on top 2 list of my favourute games!!!:)

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